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Terse Movie review: Goosebumps (Jack Black)

Basic plot goes like this; Teenage boy Zach moves to Delaware with his vice-principal mother and meets the odd girl-next-door Hannah (who happens to be Stine's daughter), he also befriends this kid Champ and they end up battling all of Stine's monster creations.

Jack Black is hilarious as an unhinged R.L. Stine. I wasn't quite sure what sort of accent he was slipping in and out of but it wasn't enough to distract me from his fun performance.

Dylan Minnette and Odeya Rush as Zach and Hannah didn't annoy me, which was great because normally I hate teenage angst crush drama. It wasn't so bad here. I only rolled my eyes twice.

But the stand out for me was Ryan Lee as the awkward weirdo, Champ. What a delight! Again, normally the awkward weirdo character annoys me to no ends, but Lee was perfectly balanced in his awkward and weird.

Goosebumps has a great script, decent GCI, and so many awesome Stine monsters.

If you're a fan of movies like The Goonies or The Addams Family then I highly recommend Goosebumps.

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